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We are thinkers. Together we can educate others and help protect our beaches and oceans. Ocean animals are in danger and it's up to us to help them.  Please join in protecting them so we can all enjoy our oceans and beaches for years to come.

There are new ideas and solutions everyday!


I dream of trash free seas, of protecting the sea life in the ocean that for years has given me pleasure and taught me so much. We can restore our beaches and oceans, it just takes a little bit of time to ensure that we can all enjoy this beautiful resources that we have. 

Working to find solutions for saving our Sea Life.

  • Clean Beaches
  • Thriving Oceans
  • Happy Dolphins
  • Happy Sea Turtles


Many organizations are working now to save our sea life.  Research and science based solutions are being used to tackle the biggest threats to your oceans.  Let's keep our Oceans healthy!

Research, research, research, you will lean so much!


Percent ocean covers earths surface


new species discovered in the ocean last year


# of trash in Florida 2014 for Coastal Cleanup


sea turtles nest on Florida beaches every summer

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Francine Schill


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Daniel Dolphin

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Pete Pelican

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Marty Manatee

Nutritionist - Keeping Us Healthy

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